New York University, New York, NY • Performance Studies, PhD • May 2018
Dissertation: "Dying to Be Somebody: Performances of Death, Power and Personhood in Postrevolutionary Iran."
New York University, New York, NY • Performance Studies, MA • May 2011
Purdue University, Hammond, IN • Communication, MA • Concentration in media, performance, and cultural studies • May 2010
University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran • Chemical Engineering, BS • Concentration in process design engineering • July 2008

GSAS Travel Award • New York University • Dean’s Student Travel Grant Program •
Fall 2018, Spring 2013
GRI Fellowship • New York University, Washington DC • Dissertation Writing Fellow •
Summer 2017
William P. Corrigan Five-Year Doctoral Fellowship • New York University •
Academic Years 2011-16
Tisch School of the Arts Graduate Scholarship • New York University • Merit-based full tuition award •
Academic Year 2010-11
Outstanding Graduate Student in Research • Purdue University Calumet •
Academic Year 2009-10

aesthetics of everyday life • body-/bio-politics • cultural performance as political resistance • embodiment & excess • feminist theory • performance of fiction & performative writing • gender & sexuality studies • memory & trauma studies • narratives & poetics • media studies • queer theory • psychoanalysis • public affect • vision & visuality • temporality & rhythmanalysis

“Postrevolutionary Retrojection: Staging Death to Expand the AudioVisual Archive in Iran.” Forthcoming in TDR: The Drama Review (2019).

Tracing the Image, Imagining the Trace: Seeing Through, Looking Between, and Feeling with Muriel Hasbun’s X post facto. e-misférica: On the Subject of Archives, 9.1-2 (2012): Web.

Are We Neda? The Iranian Women, the Election, and International Media.” In Media, Power, and Politics in the Digital Age: The 2009 Presidential Election Uprising in Iran, ed. YR Kamalipour. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield Publishers (2010). 235-250. Print.

Fall: Neurotic Verses à la Reverie.” In Performing Fiction, ed. Barbara Browning. New York: (2010). 57-68. Print.

“A Brief History of Poverty in Iran.” Khayyam/Amir Kabir University’s Student Journal: Class Matters 8.3 (2006, Oct). Print. (Farsi.)

“Buddhism: Religion or Philosophy?” Ravagh/Journal of Arts and Culture: Sanctity 2.1 (2005, Oct). Print. (Farsi.)

“Meditation: Awareness or Admission?” Ravagh/Journal of Arts and Culture: Us and Modernity 1.1 (2005, Sep). Print. (Farsi.)

My Poetic Ancestry: Veiling and UnVeiling the Contemporary Persian Woman. Scripted and directed as final project toward earning an MA. Cast: Sareh Afshar, Ashley Calarie, Alexandria Govert, Stephanie Stroh. Purdue University, Hammond, IN. May 2010.

• Hemi Encuentro 11: The World Inside Out: Humor, Noise, Performance, Paper submitted for workgroup • Mexico City
“Deactivation Acts: Putting Social Media to Sleep (to Dream).” Workgroup: “Inside Out: Play, Performance, and Practice-as-Research.” • June 2019

• “Screening Performance, Performing Screens: New Projections in Theatre and Media” • Paper submitted for the Annual Conference for The Doctoral Theatre Students’ Association at The Graduate Center at CUNY •
“The Performance of Unvisibility in Postrevolutionary Iran: Martyrdom on Display and Self-Surveillance in the Age of Necropticism.” • May 2019

• 40 Years & More: The Inaugural International Conference on Iranian Diaspora Studies • The Center for Iranian Diaspora Studies, San Francisco State University, CA •
“Objects of Difference: Diasporic Bodies, Translocal Affects, and the Primacy of Passage over Positionality.” • March 2019

• New York University’s GSAS Intensive Dissertation Writing Workshop, Fellow • NYU, New York •
“Enduring Necrogeographies: Architecture, Affect, and Abiding with the Dead.” • July 2018

• “Visualizaing Theory: An Interdisciplinary Conference on Critical Theory” • The Center for the Humanities, The Graduate Center at CUNY, New York •
“Postrevolutionary Retrojection: ‘Seeing History Rather than Knowing It.” • May 2018

• “The Between: Couple Forms, Performing Together” Symposium • NYU, New York •
“Keeping Casual Time Together.” • Coauthored with Leticia Moreno-Robles • April 2018

• PSi #23: OverFlow, 2017 • Universität Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
“The Grey Gap x Black Beats: Temporalized Space, Localized Time, and the Turbulence of Feminist Rhythms in Diaspora.” • June 2017
“As Cities Overflow: Prolonging Performance in the Abiding Metropolis.” • June 2017

• American Comparative Literature Association, 2016 • Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
“Staging Death in Iran: Extending the Limits of the Seeable through Azadeh Akhlaghi's ‘By An Eye-Witness’ Photographic (Re)Creations.” • March 2016

• Central States Communication Association, 2015 Annual Convention: “Convergence” • Madison, WI
“Good Liars Make Great Lovers,” Great Lovers Make Gifted Scholars: The Celebration of Generosity in/and Theresa Carilli’s Works.” • April 2015

• Abiding Cities, Remnant Sites: A Conference • CUNY, New York, NY
“Reflective Rhythms, Reluctant Realities: Shifting Tempos and Modified Imaginaries in Rakhshan Bani-Etemad’s Underneath the City’s Skin.” • November 2014

• Hemi GSI Convergence 2014: Bodies-In-Transit, Workgroup Co-Convener • NYU, New York, NY
“Secrets in Motion: Between Discovering, Uncovering, and Recovering, the City and Its Paradox.” Work Group: “What’s on Offer Today: Entering the City through Performance” • October 2014

• New York University’s GSAS Intensive Dissertation Writing Workshop, Fellow • NYU, New York, NY
“Vanishing Deaths: Where Have All the Martyrs Gone?” • August 2014

• Hemi Encuentro 2014: Manifest! Choreographing Social Movements in the Americas, Workgroup Participant • Concordia University, Montréal, QC
“The Secret Conspiracy of Everyday Life: An Experiment in Recovering the Potentiality of Secrecy Underlying Urban Experiences.” Workgroup: “Affect and the City: Remapping Theatrical and Social Movements.” • June 2014

• Citizens, Places, Identities: A Symposium • University of South Florida, Tampa, FL
“Inevitable Engagements: Translocal Affects, Linguistic Transports, and the Iranian Brain Drain That Speaks.” • March 2014

• Psi #19, Now Then: Performance and Temporality • Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA
“Now Then, Here’s How It’s Going to Be: The Disciplined and Disciplinary Body of the Female Mannequin as Touching Ground for Past and Future in Postrevolutionary Iran.” • June 2013

• New York University’s Iran Studies Initiative • NYU, New York, NY
“The Politics of New Media: How the Internet Has Shaped the Iranian Green Movement.” Respondent to talk presented by Babak Rahimi, moderated by Peter Chelkowski, • March 2012

• National Communication Association, 97th Annual Convention: Voice • New Orleans, LA
“Nobody’s Baby but Mine: The Case of Ownership over Iran’s Young, Dead or Missing, Political Activists,” Performance Studies Division • November 2011

• MA Symposium • Tisch School of the Arts, New York, NY
“Together, Where Do We Stand? Locating Solitude for the Iranian Student as (Inter)National Solidarity Demonstrator.” • May 2011

• Central States Communication Association • Milwaukee, WI
Wahlberg, Natalie, Snyder, Dorothy, and Afshar, Sareh. “The Bitch is Back: An Analysis of Sexist Media Framing in Hillary Clinton’s 2008 Presidential Campaign.” • April 2011

• Purdue University International Graduate Student Research Forum, Panelist • Hammond, IN
Panel: “Thomas Friedman’s Hot, Flat, and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution—and How It Can Renew America.” • March 2009

• Purdue University Graduate Student Research Day• Hammond, IN
“Internet Censorship and Blogging in Iran.” • March 2009

• Purdue University Graduate Student Association Kick-Off Panel with the Chancellor, Panelist • Hammond, IN
Panel: “The World 30 Years from Now.” • February 2009

NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Adjunct Assistant Professor • New York, NY
Instructor of record for the BA lecture The Performance of Everyday Life at the Dept. of Performance Studies •                                                                                                              
Spring 2019, Spring 2018
TA for the BA lecture Gender & Performance at the Dept. of Performance Studies •
Fall 2018
TA for the MA seminar Final Projects in Performance Studies at the Dept. of Performance Studies • Spring 2016, Spring 2015
TA for the MA seminar Intro to Performance Studies at the Dept. of Performance Studies •
Summer 2015

NYU College of Arts & Science, Adjunct Instructor • New York, NY
TA for the College Core Curriculum Cultures & Contexts: Latin America at the Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese • Spring 2019
TA for the College Core Curriculum Expressive Culture: Performance at the Dept. of Classics • 
Fall 2018
TA for the College Core Curriculum Expressive Culture: The Necessity of Theatre at the Dept. of Classics • 
Spring 2018
TA for the College Core Curriculum Cultures & Contexts: Contemporary Latino Culture at the Dept. of Social and Cultural Analysis •
Fall 2016

NYU Tandon School of Engineering, Adjunct Instructor • Brooklyn, NY
Writing Consultant for EG1003, Introduction to Engineering and Design
Fall 2014 – Present

Purdue University College of Humanities, Education, and Social Sciences, Graduate Teaching Assistant • Hammond, IN
TA for the upper level BA lecture Fundamentals of Oral Interpretation at the Dept. of Communication & Creative Arts • with Prof. Theresa Carilli •
Spring 2010
TA for the BA lecture Intro to Media Studies at the Dept. of Communication & Creative Arts •
with Prof. Yahya Kamalipour •
Fall 2009

PAND English Institute, English Tutor • Tehran, Iran
Private tutoring for pre-school and grade-school children • Fall 2006 through Fall 2007

Shoosh’s House for Children, English and Arts Instructor • Tehran, Iran
Voluntary teaching in association with the Society for Protecting the Rights of the Child (Tehran-based NGO), with a student population comprised of Afghan girls ages 3 to 18 • Summer 2006 through Spring 2008

Ayandeh-Sazan English Institute, English Instructor • Tehran, Iran
Taught beginner and advanced-level English to diverse groups of students • Summer 1999 

NYU Libraries Knowledge Access & Resource Management Services, Middle Eastern Language Library Collection Graduate Assistant • New York, NY
• September 2017 – January 2018

TDR: The Drama Review, Assistant Editor • New York, NY
Served on the editorial team of the quarterly journal of performance studies, committed to the critical study of performances in their social, economic, and political contexts; issues T215 through T220 • May 2012 – September 2013

e-misférica, Managing Editor • New York, NY
Co-managed the compilation and completion of issue 8.1 of the Hemispheric Institute’s trilingual online journal, e-misférica, entitled Performance ­­≠ Life and devoted to tracing the interstices of performance art in the Americas (1957-2000) • July 2011 – August 2011

Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, Media/Web Intern • New York, NY
Assisted with design production, development, and maintenance of the platform and website of the Hemispheric Institute’s trilingual online journal, e-misférica, which brings together scholars, artists and activists throughout the Americas • September 2010 – June 2011

Purdue University Office of Institutional Research and Development, Graduate Research Aide • Hammond, IN
Collaborated with the department on critical projects geared toward continuous evaluation and improvement of strategic initiatives and processes at Purdue University • Feb. 2009 – May 2010

Purdue University Dept. of Computer Graphics & Technology, Graphic Designer • Hammond, IN
Led departmental design needs • January 2009 – May 2009

Fanavar Petro Arya Engineering Co., Researcher • Tehran, Iran
Junior researcher in the company’s R&D section where duties included innovating new techniques of energy management and writing proposals for research grants • May 2008 – August 2008

Pars Drilling Fluids Co., Lab Researcher • Tehran, Iran
Helped formulate new, eco-friendly drilling muds by carrying out full analyses of their tri-phase fluid compositions • Summer 2007

Ravagh: A Journal of Arts & Culture, Co-Editor/Sales Manager • Tehran, Iran
Editor of Thought section, responsible for journal promotion and distribution among Tehran’s top universities • Summer 2005–2006  

Raha Feminist Collective: Liberation from Below, Member • New York, NY • October 2010 – December 2012
Purdue University, International Student Organization Secretary • Hammond, IN • Fall 2009/Spring 2009-2010
Hermes Publications, International Book Fair Sales Associate • Tehran, Iran • May 2009
University of Tehran • Tehran, Iran
     Graduate Ceremony Décor and Scenic Coordinator • Fall 2007
     Graduate Ceremony Film Special Director /Actress • Fall 2007
     Video Yearbook Developer and Interviewer • Fall 2007
     Class Internet-based Group Administrator • Fall 2003 – Spring 2008
     Freshman Class Representative • 2003–2004
One Million Signatures Campaign for Ending Gender Discrimination in Iran, Voluntary Signature Collector 2008 – December 2012

Bilingual • English and Persian; fluent in French; working knowledge of Arabic
• Computer-Proficient • Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Viewlet Builder, WordPress, JOOMLA, HTML, HYSYS 3.2, MATLAB, C/C++